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Welcome to! We hope your visit will be informative, and that you will join us in our efforts to bring the lawless thugs of the NSA to justice.

We have outlined elsewhere on this site what we believe is the best approach to dealing with these would-be tyrants in an appropriate manner through the legal system. But what should we do if we happen to meet an NSA employee or contractor in a social situation?

The important thing to keep in mind is that although we believe the death penalty is appropriate for those in the NSA and the intelligence community who are directly responsible for that agency's illicit activities, we do not encourage or condone anyone taking illegal action against such persons. Their punishment should take place through the due process of law. (Not all are even directly involved, though of course since Ed Snowden made his revelations all NSA employees are now knowingly complicit to an extent and can be considered accessories.)

We believe the appropriate individual response is to shun and ostracize any person involved with the NSA who is within your social reach.

When meeting them for the first time do not shake their hands, engage in conversation, small talk, or even take them to task for the NSA's actions. Simply walk away from them once their connection to the agency is known.

If you are unfortunate enough to already number NSA personnel amongst friends or even family, cut off all social contact, except possibly a terse explanation of why this action is being taken. (If you are married to an NSA thug - divorce him/her!)

SHUN AND OSTRACIZE should be our motto whenever social contact with NSA thugs takes place. They are treating the Constitution and the American people like dirt. We should do likewise in kind.

-- The staff, 2/3/2014