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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you people nuts? Is this even legal?
A: We are quite serious. The NSA has become the most pernicious internal threat to the Constitution and our way of life that we have ever faced.

We do not promote or condone any illegal activity; that is, while we believe the death penalty is appropriate in this matter we are not calling for a "lynching" or any other illegal action to be taken against the NSA or its personnel. (We do believe that on an individual basis, NSA employees and contractors should be shunned and ostracized by the general public.)

What we are calling for is a legal process to properly punish those who have erected a police-state surveillance state here in the U.S., and to send a clear, unambiguous message that this type of activity will not be tolerated by the people of the United States.

Q: How can you justify such serious accusations and penalties?
It is quite clear that via its undermining and attacking the U.S. Constitution, which is the very foundation of our government, the NSA is guilty of sedition. Waging a very real cyber-war against the American people encompasses the very definition of treason. Capital punishment is the penalty that best fits such heinous crimes against the entire nation.
Q: Why should I care? I have nothing to hide!

A: Aside from the fundamental issue of being concerned with a rogue, lawless agency that is raging out of control against the American people, we can only suggest that you open a history book. You will find the pages littered with the corpses of people who believed that they had nothing to hide from their governments, and failed to keep those governments under control.
Q: Who would prosecute NSA personnel on such charges?
A: The U.S. Department of Justice.
Q: Won't the Justice Department be reluctant to press such charges?
A: "Reluctant" is an understatement. It will take enourmous public pressure to push them into doing their job. In addition to directly petitioning the Justice Department, we need to press Congress to demand the Justice Department do its job. We need to remind our "representatives" and "public servants" that they swore an oath to defend the Constitution from "all enemies, both foreign and domestic."
Q: Who should be the target of such prosecution and penalty? Surely you're not suggesting we excute every NSA employee!?
A: At a minimum, the decision makers (such as Keith Alexander and James Clapper) should be charged with sedition and treason, and be executed upon being found guilty. Additionally, every person who remained directly involved in the NSA's illicit domestic spying operations after the Snowden revelations should be similarly charged. They were made aware of what they were involved with and they had a choice. Those who made the wrong choice should be appropriately prosecuted and punished. (It can also be argued that every person remaining in the employ of the NSA is complicit and an accessory to that agency's crimes, lesser punishment may be appropriate in those cases.)
Q: Why does this site look so crude, like it was designed 20 years ago?
A: We are not web designers, we are American citizens who are concerned with the outrageously illegal and illicit actions of the National Security Agency. To this end, the primary concern of this site is to disseminate information, with appearance being secondary.